Flash Epistle Number Two


The best time to count your blessings is when none are apparent. Gratitude, like penance, demands effort. Anyone can be grateful for a million dollars or a wet, exquisite woman between the sheets. It’s when both bank account and bed are empty that you must drill down to discover what really matters beyond obvious pleasures; when you have been peeled like an onion to the core of nothingness that gratitude becomes both necessary and essential. Look closely at all the small, close things you usually choose to overlook: a cat stretching, the smell of a frozen morning, a note from a distant friend, three wild turkeys gleaning a field of stubble, the sudden opening of an unexpected door. Those tiny, beautiful triumphs that keep you moving, that allow you to wake up every day and make you look forward to more. Be thankful, though you have considered all the facts. Anything is possible.

Honorary Schizophrenic. Recent refugee. Displaced person. Old white male. Confidant of cassowaries.

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