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  • Peculiar Julia

    Peculiar Julia

    Writer of poetry, prose, and the occasional rant. I like to feed the monsters under my bed with story cake and poem pastries. Is peculiar (Julia)

  • Laura Sheridan

    Laura Sheridan

    I write to entertain, explain…and leave a tickle of laughter in your brain.

  • Farida Haque

    Farida Haque

    Multimedia artist, writer, poet. ‘Celebrating other lives, I am a sparrow in the shadow of a rosebush...’ faridahaque@gmail.com

  • antoinette nevitt

    antoinette nevitt

    scientist-poet at large

  • gilbert wilcox

    gilbert wilcox

  • Ana-Maria Schweitzer

    Ana-Maria Schweitzer

    Psychologist | Literature addict | Animal and cycling lover| Struck by poetry

  • Anne Jackson

    Anne Jackson

    My lifelong alter ego...in love with the night, woods, my dog, various garments, Sophia Loren, my babies, my wonderful ex, others along the way...and you.

  • Kim Smyth

    Kim Smyth

    Freelance writer/blogger, editor-creator of Words on a Page blog-https://inkonapage.com. Interested in creative writing, alternative medicine, and music.

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