I’m not sure I can give a precise answer.

Of course, I like to think that what I post is all that good. :)

But there are a few, specific things I did do.

When I began, I became a writer for the publications I could find with the most followers. That got my work in front of many more readers than I could on my own.

I do post a lot, usually multiple pieces per day. That probably helped.

I reply (or try to) for every comment I receive, if only with a heart or a simple thank you. Courtesy counts.

I rarely comment on other people’s work, other than to like it.

I really try to avoid joining in conversations, especially those on controversial topics. Those conversations on Medium often quickly become toxic. I’m a poet, not a pundit.

I don’t promote my work in any way, except occasionally attaching a poem to my Twitter account, but I rarely use Twitter (hive mind) and don’t have many followers there, so I don’t know what effect that has.

This may not be what you were looking for, but it’s all I’ve got.

Honorary Schizophrenic. Recent refugee. Displaced person. Old white male. Confidant of cassowaries.

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