Michael. I hate to tell you this but history is not on your side. It isn’t on anyone’s side. It isn’t marching with you. It just is.

Lee and crew were widely held to be traitors in the north, I agree. But public opinion is not law. Legally, Lee was not a traitor. Sorry, but that’s an inescapable conclusion.

And it was the north that overwhelming invaded and ravaged the south. The south tried it once and failed.

I notice that you didnt even try to refute my arguments. You simply attacked me for not agreeing with your version of history (and there are always many versions.)

You, and others, accuse me of giving aid and comfort to the enemy for trying to bring some historical understanding to the current babble. I guess that makes me a traitor to your “cause.” If that’s so, no doubt you’ll happily find a slot for me in some SJW reeducation camp. Groups that believe history is marching with them love camps.

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