Ms Holden: When I was a kid (seven to ten), I lived in Phoenix (actually, Glendale). I hated it. We were poor and it was scorching.

Ah, but I was fascinated by Superstition Mountain. We went there often on excursions and picnics. My father, uncle and grandfather prospected there for gold (unsuccessfully, of course). I read everything I could find about its history and the Lost Dutchman Mine. I couldn’t have articulated it then, but the way it loomed out of the desert filled me with wonder and awe. It felt… powerful. Unfortunately, I was too young to hike up into it.

We left Phoenix, poverty, and the blast furnace heat behind and moved back east.

Decades later, on a corporate retreat in Scottsdale, I drove out to the trailhead near Goldfield. Again, I felt power and mystery.

I’m too old now to return and hike there, but it is one of the few power places (Eleusis, Lascaux) that I have ever experienced first hand and I can still feel its impact.

I understand the desert is having a huge wildflower bloom this year. I’d love to see that mountain rising out of those flowers.

Thanks for this article.

Honorary Schizophrenic. Recent refugee. Displaced person. Old white male. Confidant of cassowaries.

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