Richard went to the Crossfit Regionals knowing he wasn’t going to win and he didn’t. He went to compete and to test himself. In those, he did win. He was competing among a group of hand picked athletes, some of the fittest people in the world. Fifteen of them couldn’t find the determination or take the pain and dropped out. He stayed the course and finished the final event, exhausted and battered, with his strongest performance of all. It was something to see, the courage that took. I am so proud.

Here is what he had to say about this experience:

“I knew coming in, watching the other regions, that my very best would still be near the bottom of the region. But that was not discouraging at all. In fact, I welcomed it. We grow at the extreme edges of our comfort zones. My whole body is sore beyond belief, my hands are ripped & I haven’t been able to straighten my arms since Friday, but I know I gave every ounce of effort I had each workout and I have pride in that. I was utterly exhausted at the end of event 6. I hold that dear to my heart and it will fuel me EVERY day til the open 2018 to be better. I have no desire for cheat meals, alcohol or crossextensive rest. Instead, I see the next step in my journey. The next obstacle I must summit to be even better next year. It all begins within!

Thank you all for the support.. it blows my mind how many kind words I’ve received from so many sources. I hope I always repay your support to my very best ability. Community & relationships are everything.”

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