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Poetry is news that stays news! Ezra Pound

not so much writing as stuttering, said L.W.
no matter. The whole always false. donut.
only the peace meal may be milled to flower.
periplum. plot a coastline. only pieces seen.
fear unity. seek multiplicity. in a grain of sand.
rethink. remake. re-imagine. explore chaos.
old trials lead nowhere. only blind allies.
forms remain but meaningless. void. nada.
sweet sounds engender projectile vomiting.
foundations all rotted. build anew on a nothing.
chains do not signify. schizophrenic fragmentation.
the world and everything in it. complex system.
complex systems temporal. made of time. tick.
turbulence & unpredictability. not unlike weather.
poem a piece of time. complete universe. hole.
prose means. poetry makes. difference of kind.
form is meaning. words only place markers.
never theory. of stuff. practical & experimental.
art desires dissonance even as the ear rejects.
polar bear on white canvas howls to pallid moon.
take up tools. create the unknowable knowable.
who surfs the froth of anarchy’s wave
reaps only the freedom of the brave.

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