There is common ground. But not a lot.

And there are always exceptions to generalizations. Clearly you are one. I think my kids, who are Millennials, are too. That doesn’t automatically make the generalization false.

And you are right, boomers have often been the worst parents ever. I have seen it in my own family.

But overall, this is still a soft, untested generation. Perhaps they will turn out to be the greatest of all generations ever. I don’t know. I’m not sure I even know what that means. At the moment, I don’t see it.

But even if you are right about every single point you make, blaming boomers will not improve your life a bit. You were born when you were born. So was I. Neither of us had any control over that. You can only play the cards you hold, just as I did..

Generational bashing is pointless because only time can tell. I won’t be around to see. You will. So you win. :)

Honorary Schizophrenic. Recent refugee. Displaced person. Old white male. Confidant of cassowaries.

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