When it comes right down to it Mr Ridgway, what has Trump actually accomplished thus far? The fact is, in terms of having changed anything, almost nothing.

He has accomplished one other thing, though, and done it like a genius.

He has provoked anger, anguish, outrage, fear, hatred, and vituperation (the list is endless) from leftists, liberals and progressives, as well as from the tribes of identity politics. He has made and kept the story all about him.

There are many important and dangerous things happening right now in the world. You barely read anything about them because the media is so focused on him. Take the Washington Post. It should be called the Trump Post. Eight out of ten articles are about him and what he might do.

This has reduced the so-called Resistance (a sad misuse of an honorable word) to an impotent band of howler monkeys. He tweets; it howls.

I never thought he could become a political dictator, mainly because his generals and the officer corps largely think he is crazy and out of control. You kind of need the military for a coup.

If the media and its anguished sycophants would stop looking at him, and start looking at what has happened instead of what might happen, we would be much better off and much better informed.

I doubt this will happen.

Honorary Schizophrenic. Recent refugee. Displaced person. Old white male. Confidant of cassowaries.

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