Me, a conservative? I’ve been an anarchist all my life. My idea of heaven comes without monolithic states, corporations or universities.

But in this imperfect world, universities must necessarily be conservative. They must conserve the traditional intellectual culture. It is the fount of new ideas. The primordial soup from which ideas arise infecting the culture with memes that create change. Even Archimedes needed a place to stand to work his magic lever. No canon, no soup, no change. Just noise.

Post modernists, radical feminists, neo-marxists and their ilk are united only in their common hatred of Western Culture and their Stalinist methods of enforcing conformity of thought and behavior. They have now captured the universities where they preach only to the choir, crushing independent thought, and arrogantly disdaining the millions of unwashed, unenlightened citizens in the flyover zones who finance their gated, faux utopias. That arrogance and condescension went a long way to giving us Donald Trump, certainly an uncomfortable example of the Law of Unintended consequences.

Universities have become elitist enclaves, churning out clueless snowflakes with absurd degrees like MFAs or in useless subjects like race and gender studies, landing many of their former students back in their parents' basements, crushed by billions of dollars of student debt. Their faculties believe in nothing and therefore have nothing to teach. Of course, this is mostly true in what used to be called the Humanities. The sciences remain largely immune.

The real deserts lie outside of tradition. Civilizations rise on traditions.

Give me an honest plumber or carpenter any day over an empty headed, slogan chanting MFA.

But I’d love to hear your refutation of my “conservative talking points.” If refute them you can in honest, non-PC English without name calling.



Honorary Schizophrenic. Recent refugee. Displaced person. Old white male. Confidant of cassowaries.

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